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Clear Persistent Reservation - cluster disk

Quick how to guide how to clear the persistence reservation and change cluster disk - when disks don't come online

Clear persistent reservation

in PowerShell: Get-Disk lists all the disks and their corresponding status:

Disk 1 online
Disk 2 offline
Disk 3 online
Disk 4 offline

In order to clear the cluster persistent reservations in Powershell we execute:

Clear-ClusterDiskReservation -Disk 2 -Node node2 –Force
Clear-ClusterDiskReservation -Disk 4 -Node node2 –Force
Clear-ClusterDiskReservation -Disk 2 -Node node1 –Force
Clear-ClusterDiskReservation -Disk 4 -Node node1 –Force

You may also restart the nodes, one after another, after these successful steps.

Then go to the disk management – initialize the disk, go to the cluster manager – take it online.

Helpful information:

Get-Cluster command line:

and the corresponding Set-Cluster command line:

Additional command line cmdlets:


Stay tuned for more ;)

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