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Why join the elite?

1. Great team members – friendly, open minded for new challenges.
2. Knowledge and experience sharing at an excellent level by all.
3. Social events organized with the great team members in Blagoevgrad and or Sofia.
4. Discount codes provided by the partners.
5. LinkedIn recommendations after some time
6. More to come. Stay tuned. ;)

contact us: hello[@]IT-PlayGround.Net
I live and breathe IT. I am 15 years in the industry, 12 of which leading various teams to success, including Customer Support and Service Delivery engineers. Having worked with multiple international environments, I can definitely confirm that there is always something to surprise you. Diversity here is at its peak level compared to any other sect...or. You meet great people, you do great stuff, you party great amount of time, you influence great areas of life through technology. This is the future, this is where life is headed to and will continue the journey further. Whether for good or not that much, the industrial revolution is happening and is inseparable part of Today and Tomorrow. I would say it is for Good with capital G. And that's why I like it. More

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